Today I am back with something exciting......

Hi bloggers, today I am back with what I think is a very exciting reading about something that I am ecstatic to have accomplished within the past couple of months of 2019.

As you know I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy, which luckily in my case, just effected my legs. Since the ago of two years old, I have been fortunate enough to be able to use a walker, in order to navigate around everywhere. As of 2013, I was told I was a candidate, to have a surgery done called Dorsal Rhizotomy.  I got to have the surgery done by the highest ranked hospital with Dr. Park. I went to St. Louis, Missouri to have this surgery done, and it was intended to remove the spasticity within my legs. It did just that, so much so, that I was told by the doctor who preformed this surgery, that I will be able to walk on crutches, but maybe even independently, or holding on to furniture one day, as long as I am willing, and determined, to put the time, and effort in to actually get to that point.

Ever since this milestone in my life, I have attempted trying to learn to walk on my crutches on, and off before. Even though people were giving me positive feedback, about how good the walking was, how good I was doing, and how I should keep going, not give up now, and continue to progress further, I will be honest to you, and myself, there were times when I felt like it was just too hard for me to achieve, I wasn’t going to progress any further, and I just didn’t believe in myself at that time, therefore, I did just that, several times. With that being said, I took at least three years, or more away from them. I am happy to say that I now regret doing this, as walking on my crutches, is not the hardest thing I will ever experience, but it’s not the easiest thing ether, if that makes sense. It is kind of in the middle.

All thanks to my Dad, and helping me work really hard, on strengthening my core at the gym, I feel as determined, strong, and confident in myself, this time around, than I ever have done, before. When I first started trying to learn again, don’t get me wrong, I felt super nervous, my hands were extremely sweaty, and slipping off the crutches, I wasn’t very steady, and I couldn’t walk as far as I can now, without getting extremely tired, and fatigued. Listening to my Dad’s comments, as far as what I can do to correct the things that need correcting, in attention to all his general comments, as well as all the comments from family, have paid off over time, and helped to keep me motivated, determined, and wanting to work really hard to progress, and better myself.

I personally feel like the key points that I need to work on right now, are, standing up a lot straighter, not putting the crutches out too far, and most impotently of all, coming out of my comfort zone, and start trying to walk in other places, outside of the gym. I get really nervous when trying to do this, and make myself believe I’m going to fall. It’s all work in progress, I will keep pursuing, and hopefully I will progress a lot further! Thank you for everything Papa, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you, or your help!????❤️