Last minute trip to England!

Last minute trip to England!

So it was Wednesday night and Mom and Dad told me that we are heading to England for the Memorial Day long weekend TOMORROW.

Hey guys, I know I have not been active since I launched my blog, but due to my family and I going out of the Country for a long weekend on Thursday (straight after school!) - p.s School is out for summer!! to visit family back in England, it has been a super busy last few days.

From when we left last week, until today, it was such a fun filled, great time.

My family and I managed to pack so much into a limited amount of time, and I loved every minute of it!

The fun all began when we arrived in England at about 3:30am Vegas time! We had a friend meet us and drive us to my Nan's house.  Once we got there we decided to walk to a cafe that we used to love when we lived in England called 'tea and times' here I enjoyed a bacon and brie sandwich, which was simply delicious, just like I remembered! (Thanks for paying Auntie Helen).

After we finished our sandwiches and our stomachs were as complete as can be, we started to walk towards a classic sweet shop, we waited outside whilst Helen went in.  When Helen came out she had gotten me some toffee crumble, a traditional sweet from the UK, which satisfied my craving for UK sweets (candy) - I was very happy.

By this time, we were on our way back to my Nan's house, that was when I quickly realized that the pavements were NOT wheelchair friendly! Having not been in the UK for a number of years and this being my first trip in a wheelchair I could not believe how uneven, broken slabs and difficult they were to maneuver around.

Upon our arrival at my Nan's house, I started to demolish the toffee crumble!

In this time span, my Aunt had gone to get Violet from school who I had not seen in almost 3 years!

Within seconds of Violet's arrival - she ran to me and gave me a huge hug!

By now I was exhausted and needed a nap and rested on the sofa whilst Mom and Nan went to the grocery store........ When I was woken up........... The next BIG suprise happened........... My Awesome sister Dani was there!

Mena xx