Life Changing Decisions...........


Hey bloggers, hope you have been reading my previous material on my website, and keeping interested!

Today’s blog is going to be based on a true story, and how change can affect people in several different ways.

I was born with cerebral palsy, (CP) which just means that I had a bleed on my brain when I was born, and certain parts of my body may not work as well as other people’s do sometimes. 

There are several different forms of this disability that you can get, but mine luckily affected only my legs.

With that being said though, 11 years ago, my family and I moved from England to Las Vegas Nevada, but into a two-story house.

Whilst it was planned that we were going to be staying in Vegas for only three years, my parents didn’t think anything of it at the time, and put my room upstairs. Obviously they didn’t think I would get much bigger when I was younger, but for eleven years now, my Dad has had to carry me up the stairs every night.

For a couple years now my parents have been trying to get me to move into the downstairs room, but I wouldn’t have any of it, just denial. I felt like something was going to happen to me in there.

It wasn’t until a few months ago when we went back to England to visit, and I was staying in my Nan’s downstairs lounge, and sleeping on the sofa that I soon realized that I would be completely fine to sleep downstairs in our own house.

It still took a while once we got back from England for the fact of sleeping downstairs to settle in, as I was a little worried that I would miss the room that I’ve called mine for eleven years now, but eventually I decided to give it a try.

The first night I missed my room a little and wanted to go back upstairs at times, and ended up crying as my parents left the room, I told them I would be fine, and everything was okay. I just needed to get used to it.

After going back and fourth with my Mum and Dad about whether my Dad should sleep in the room for the first night with me or not, my Dad very kindly decided to do so.  Just so that he could make sure I was comfortable with everything before I slept in there by myself, and before we implemented the new changes for good.

One thing I was also worried about is what noises I would hear in the downstairs room, that were different to the ones I would hear in my room upstairs.

It turns out that I woke up the next morning, and everything was “A” okay. Nothing had happened to me, and believe it or not, downstairs is actually quite a lot quieter than it would usually be upstairs, isn’t that crazy?

Then the second night came around, and my Dad had asked me which one it was going to be, upstairs or downstairs? My Dad also said that it was completely up to me, he doesn’t mind ether way. Which ever I’m most comfortable with. 

I then took it upon myself to sleep in the downstairs room alone, and see how it goes. Even though my Mom and Dad still double-checked that I was okay with doing this, I said yes, and told him that I wanted to give it a go.

When I woke up bright, and early the next day, I decided that I actually preferred it.

Now I have been in there ever since, and I actually wish that I had made the change a lot sooner.

After a few successful nights of me sleeping in there alone, and not calling up the stairs for my Mom to come down, and help me, my parents changed out the fan, for a newly updated one that has a crystal light on it, which you are able to make lighter, or darker depending on your preference.


On Sunday of last week we also changed out the bed for a lower one, as the one that was in there previously, was too high, and I had to leap into it. Where as this new bed that I have now, is a much lower one, which means that I can now just get into it from my wheelchair if I wanted to, or just sit on the edge, and climb into it from the floor.

It is a very pretty gray, with a soft surround, and studs on the headboard, but with no bottom peice to it, so you can see over it. 

When it first arrived, I thought it would actually be a little bit too low, but when the people who delivered, and assembled it had left, I tested it out, and it was just right, and fit my needs perfectly! I actually think it is comfier than my old bed that I had upstairs! 

That is it for the remodel at this moment and time, but we are planning to do a lot more, so keep posted for any upcoming updates