Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy - "What the hey?"



Hey bloggers, I’m back with another blog post! Today’s blog is a very special topic to me.....It’s going to be a good one!

As you know from my previous post, I have Cerebral Palsy, (CP for short) which again, all that means is that I had a bleed on my brain when I was born, which affected my legs in specific. 

One of the complications you run the risk of with CP is spasticity. However, how bad the person’s spasticity is depends on the severity of CP they have.

Luckily for me, I only have type one of CP, and because of this, the spasticity that I have, obviously isn’t at it’s worst but it wasn’t good ether way you cut it. It needed to be fixed.

My parents are always doing research to see if there are ways that they can help, and one year there was a winner!

Life Changing Decisions...........



Hey bloggers, hope you have been reading my previous material on my website, and keeping interested!

Today’s blog is going to be based on a true story, and how change can affect people in several different ways.

Jana helps me with the gift of swimming......


Hi guys, today I’m back with the latest update on how my summer has been going since the last time I wrote!

First I would like to start this off by saying that this has definitely been one of my best summers yet, no question about it!

Usually all I would be doing when it comes to Summer Break is be too engrossed in my phone, which stops me from wanting to do barely anything. This summer has taken a completely different direction though, please read on to see!

Last minute trip to England!


So it was Wednesday night and Mom and Dad told me that we are heading to England for the Memorial Day long weekend TOMORROW.

Welcome to my first post!


So............. After a very short time of waiting for my own website is up and running!

Firstly I want to thank Paulo and everyone at for making this dream come true for me and producing me a website that I am proud of and excited to use.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.